2012 IJRSET – Volume 1 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology
Volume 1, Issue Number 2
October 2012

Table of Contents

Educational Technology Research

  1. Nature of classroom environment and achievement in integrated science: A test of efficacy of a constructivist instructional strategy
    Thomas B. Igwebuike & Sylvester O. Oriaifo
  2. An investigation into senior high school students’ understanding and difficulties in writing chemical formulae of inorganic compounds
    Rexford Baah & Christian Anthony-Krueger
  3. Choosing a career in science: The Nigerian student perception
    Louis Ezeweani & Rachel O. Atomatofa
  4. Does Facebooking make us sad? Hunting relationship between Facebook use and depression among Filipino adolescents
    Jesus Alfonso Datu, Jana Patricia Valdez, & Nino Datu

Educational Technology Resources

  1. Moving towards democratic classrooms for the students at the University of Toronto
    Kazi Abdur Rouf
  2. Expanding the frontiers of learning in educational institutions: The roles of and challenges faced by leaders and followers
    Md. Ali Azham
  3. A case analysis on creative school management in Mainland China
    Su Ching Wu & Chan Yu Po
  4. Educated unemployed youth in Manipur
    Kashung Zingran Kengoo