Educated unemployed youth in Manipur

2012 IJRSET – Volume 1 Issue 2


Kengoo, Kashung Zingran*
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, India (


This article attempt to narrate the condition of providing education in Manipur which is far behind to get into the loop of practicing global educational technology that leads to socio-economic development, but instead, the state witnessed the high rate of educated unemployed youths due to indifferent skills attained by the educated youths which is not relevant in modern economical development. The educated unemployed youths among the two major sections in the state that has unequal opportunity where the dominant Manipuri (Meiteis) group had the advanced scope while the minorities (tribals) are struggling to get their share with special reference to the root causes from numerous directions will discussed. Politically, socially and economically dominant group handled most of the state administrations and divert minimally to the tribals. This article acknowledges the system of providing education, procedure for the recruitment of employee and its allied sectors that have been polluted by power, corruption, and bribe, while transparent, fairness and merits are fog in the activities of the state departments. Besides, competition and development through the techniques of educational technology is unfamiliar in the state.

Keywords: economy; literacy; workers; politicization; inequality



*Corresponding Author