2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

  1. Transformational leadership, social network and enterprise performance of high tech enterprises in China: Basis for a corporate performance improvement model
    Liu, Xia
  2. Job demands, work motivation and work engagement among college teachers in Shan Dong Province: Inputs to work engagement model
    Li, Xin
  3. Employee motivation, job satisfaction and employee engagement: Inputs to job productivity
    Song, Xiaochun
  4. SME corporate social responsibility practices, business strategies and stakeholders’ responsiveness: Inputs to social tourism framework
    Li, Xiaomeng
  5. Internal control elements, accounting information characteristics and internal audit quality: Basis for improved internal audit process
    He, Miao
  6. Service robot perceived attributes, customer experience and customer acceptance in hospitality industry: Model for customer-robot interaction
    Hu, Qian
  7. Brand building, brand experience and brand loyalty in e-Commerce platform: Basis for marketing agricultural product
    Cui, Runyan
  8. Corporate social responsibility, organizational culture and employee burnout of garment enterprises: Inputs to strategic HRM framework
    Li, Ling
  9. Corporate social responsibility, technological innovation and corporate performance: Inputs to sustainable development
    Wang, Wei
  10. Corporate social responsibility, customer engagement and customer loyalty: Basis for sustainable development of platform enterprises
    Shen, Xiaoxia
  11. Job resources, psychological capital and work engagement among university teachers: Inputs to human resource management model
    Deng, Xinqian
  12. Organizational commitment, corporate social responsibility and psychological capital among employees in manufacturing industry in China: Basis for CSR reinforcement model
    Liu, Hongjuan
  13. Dynamic capabilities, digital transformation and innovation performance: Basis for sustainable manufacturing enterprise development model
    Zhu, Xiumei
  14. Job demands, job resources and job involvement among teachers in ShanDong China Universities: Basis for work performance model for teachers
    Li, Meng