2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Divine Word College of San Jose Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

  1. Challenges encountered, marketing capability and coping strategies of rabbitry in Occidental Mindoro
    De Vera, Jayson P.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.; Tampol, Renato A.
  2. Teacher learning skills and adaptability to change of secondary school teachers in Rizal District
    Perez, Rocky B.; Valera, Jason S.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.
  3. The salt industry in Occidental Mindoro: Improving the production
    Saulong, Via Mae T.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.; Tampol, Renato A.
  4. Personal and professional characteristics of teachers in relation to the academic performance of students in San Jose National Agricultural and Industrial High School
    Marigmen-Balinjare, Mira Lei; Lanestosa, Ferdinand A.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.
  5. Support of government and hotels toward workforce in the time of pandemic in the case of Batangas Province
    Borbon, Noelah Mae D.; Ricafort, Marivic V.; Ona, Mary Stephanie L.
  6. Coping strategies and academic performance of working high school students in San Jose West District
    Jadia, Emi G.; Rayton, Maria Pura C.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.
  7. Caring leadership, coaching and organizational culture among private Catholic schools: Basis for program development
    Mauhay, Romana Celeste A.
  8. Corporate social responsibilities of DOT accredited hotels in Camarines Sur
    De Villa, Rochelle M.; Borbon, Noelah Mae D.
  9. Leadership practices, administrative disposition, and readiness of public secondary schools in SAMARICA, Occidental Mindoro
    Ferrer, Marian Jominique U.; Aragones, Elvie D.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.
  10. Automated okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) seed germinator using Arduino Uno R3
    Norella, Alexa Marie R.; Reboquio, Mikaila Grace P.; Apoderado, Zyrha Khaey Moneth P.; Ruizol, Princess Samantha A.; Majan, Samantha Nicole R.; Serdeña, Maricon H.; Bautista, Josephine N.; Limos-Galay, Jenny A.