Blended learning delivery modality for learning science subjects in STEM track curriculum of senior high schools

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 12

Available Online:  14 May 2022


Raza, Relyn
Department of Education, Education Program Supervisor, Philippines (


This position paper is focused on what is being believed as the most appropriate learning delivery modality for learning Science subjects in Senior High Schools with STEM Curriculum; blended learning delivery modality (a combination of MDL and ODL when face to face instruction is not allowed in a school) over pure modular distance learning. The author interviewed five (5) Senior High School Students from three (3) Senior High Schools (coming from the three divisions of Caraga Region) offering STEM Track who were randomly chosen. Two open ended questions were sent to the respondents thru the help of their Science Supervisors. The first question asked about the challenges that they encountered while learning STEM Science Subjects this pandemic and the second question asked about their preferred learning modality. The paper reveals the struggles or the challenges of the students in which they emphasized that self-learning modules are not sufficient for them to understand the concepts in STEM Science subjects. They need the guidance or scaffolding from the teachers. Likewise, this shows the learning modalities which they preferred so as to make it easy for the them to learn the concepts in higher sciences in the STEM Track. The respondents preferred blended learning modality (a combination of modular distance learning and online distance learning modality) to have deeper understanding of concepts in science as well as proper acquisition of basic and integrated process skills. With MDL, learners can be made to work on the activities and other tasks in the modules, then with ODL, difficult concepts can be clarified through further explanations from the teacher. Hence, lessons from the modules can be enhanced by the teacher through ODL.

Keywords: modular distance learning modality, blended learning, online distance learning, STEM track, challenges



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Raza, R. (2022). Blended learning delivery modality for learning science subjects in STEM track curriculum of senior high schools. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(12), 27-33.