Role of trust in marital satisfaction among single and dual-career couples

2013 IJRSP – Volume 2 Issue 4


Atta, Mohsin
University of Sargodha, Pakistan (

Adil, Adnan*
University of Sargodha, Pakistan (

Shujja, Sultan
University of Sargodha, Pakistan (

Shakir, Sabira
University of Sargodha, Pakistan (


The present study examined the role of trust in marital satisfaction in a sample of 140 couples including 70 single & 70 dual-career couples. Moreover, gender differences were also studied. Enrich Marital Satisfaction Scale (Fowers & Olson, 1993), and Trust Scale (Rempel, Holmes & Zanna, 1985) were used to measure the constructs. The age of the sample ranged from 25 to 61 years (M = 40.90, SD = 9.62). Multiple regression analysis demonstrated trust as significant predictor of marital satisfaction for single career couples, dual-career couples and for the whole sample respectively. Significant gender differences were found in trust for both single and dual-career couples. Implications of results as well as directions for future empirical research are discussed.

Keywords: trust; marital satisfaction; single career couples; dual-career couples



*Corresponding Author