The reverse DTML-conversion model with its mathematical formulas

2014 IJRSC – Volume 3 Issue 1

Available Online: 15 March 2014


Kumassah, Eliot Kosi*
Jasikan College of Education, Ghana (


Conversion within quantities of same units and between quantities of different units is a thorny subject to students of Jasikan College of Education (Butterfield, Sutherland, & Molyneux-Hodgson, 2000) and its treatment by tutors sometimes becomes very difficult such that most tutors resort to handling the subject theoretically/ abstractly. When this happens most students seemed not to comprehend the subject. In view of this, the Reverse DTML-Conversion model (i.e. The Reverse D-Conversion model, The Reverse T-Conversion model, The Reverse M-Conversion model and The Reverse L-Conversion model) was designed. The Reverse DTML-Conversion Model is a model that has been designed by the researcher to make the teaching of conversion in measurement very easy to tutors and meaningful to students.

Keywords: The Reverse D-Conversion model; The Reverse T-Conversion model; The Reverse M-Conversion model; The Reverse L-Conversion model; mathematical formula



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Kumassah, E. K. (2014). The reverse DTML-conversion model with its mathematical formulas. International Journal of Research Studies in Computing, 3(1), 13-42.

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