Ecotourism community perception in Southern Cagayan Valley: Proposed sustainable action plan

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
United Tourism and Hospitality Professionals Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 14

Available Online: 31 December 2023


Dagdag, Dondon
Nueva Vizcaya State University, Philippines (


Tourism is a major contributor and immensely significant to the nation. Ecotourism encourages conservation, lessen tourist impacts, and offers beneficial socioeconomic involvement. Numerous academic works have documented how local communities have not actively participated in the development of ecotourism owing to a variety of reasons. Their perceptions and participation may influence the success or failure of ecotourism development and sustainability initiatives. This research delved into the community’s perception of ecotourism sustainability. Primarily, it trails the ecotourism’s various management practices, local community perceptions, and significant differences in the response, including problems encountered in this management journey. Anent to employ a descriptive approach. A survey questionnaire was used to collect the data, which SPSS was then used to statistically analyze. Revealed thereof, management practices on ecotourism sites are moderately practiced these are deemed to be substantial and need attention. Community perception of tourism has moderately agreed with the necessity for augmentation and supplementation of programs and agendas promoting responsible and sustainable tourism is necessary. Perceived awareness of local communities’ role in tourism had influenced their perceived knowledge of sustainable tourism principles. Also, problems, such as few number of tourist arrival noted, lack of equipment for recreational activities in ecotourism sites, and Lack of equipment for search and rescue were the factors that require attention. With these revelations above, a proposed ecotourism sustainable action plan in the Southern Cagayan Valley was molded.

Keywords: community perceptions, ecotourism, local communities, socioeconomic involvement, sustainability



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Dagdag, D. (2023). Ecotourism community perception in Southern Cagayan Valley: Proposed sustainable action plan. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(14), 67-79.