Pangangalap at Pagsusuri ng mga Idyomatikong Ekspsresyong Gubatnon

2024 IJRSE – Volume 13 Issue 1

Available Online:  15 February 2024


Buluran, Sara Em*
Sorsogon State University, Philippines (

Marbella, Felisa D.
Sorsogon State University, Philippines (


The study is an initial attempt to document idiomatic expressions used in oral conversations in the dialect spoken by the people in the town of Gubat, Sorsogon, Bicol Region, Philippines. Descriptive analysis was the method used in this research. Data was collected through interviews and focused group discussions that involved volunteer participants whose ages ranged between 28 and above. Thematic analysis was used in analyzing the answers to the question how well the people of Gubat understand the idiomatic expressions of their town. There are different themes that are inclusive in Gubatnon idiomatic expressions. These idioms reflect the culture of the town of Gubat, their geographic identity as well as their history. It is recommended that these idioms be used in making literary pieces like poems and stories so that the language of the town would be preserved and enriched. These idioms must also be used in schools most specially in the elementary so that the children will have a wider and clearer grasp of things using their very language. Parents are also encouraged to use idiomatic expressions at home so that it may be instilled in the minds of Gubatnon children hence the preservation of this beautiful culture of using idioms in everyday conversation.

Keywords: pangangalap, pagsusuri, idyomatikong ekspresyon, paksain, sinasalaming elemento



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Buluran, S. E., & Marbella, F. D. (2024). Pangangalap at pagsusuri ng mga idyomatikong ekspsresyong Gubatnon. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 13(1), 31-46.

* Corresponding Author