Impacts of climate change: Basis for a teaching enhancement approach for climate action

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 7

Available Online:  28 July 2023


Espinosa, Ken Paul M.
Baliuag University, Philippines (

Caisip, Andrian A.*
Pacific Training Group, Australia (


This study aimed to determine the level of awareness about the impacts of climate change among the participants, who were Filipino youth college students attending higher education institutions in Manila City. The researchers employed a descriptive-survey research design to identify knowledge gaps in the participants’ present level of awareness regarding the impacts of climate change. The study participants were purposively chosen because they possessed certain characteristics and features that the study entails and requires. An expert-validated, self-made survey questionnaire was utilized in this study. The overall findings indicated a clear need to significantly boost Filipino college students’ awareness of the implications of climate change, with a focus on the sectors of agriculture, coastal resources, forestry, and infrastructures, while the participants’ awareness was limited with regard to the impacts on health and water resources. As a result, the vast majority of participating Filipino college students demonstrated that there are knowledge gaps regarding how adversely climate change has affected these sectors. In addition, the study discovered a significant difference between the assessments of the Filipino youth college participants in terms of age and year level in college. Therefore, the context of the findings must be taken into account when creating a teaching enhancement approach that can be incorporated into general education courses in higher education institutions and that would raise the level of awareness of Filipino youth college students in order to promote and advocate for climate action.

Keywords: awareness, education, climate change, climate action, teaching enhancement approach



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Espinosa, K. P. M., & Caisip, A. A. (2023). Impacts of climate change: Basis for a teaching enhancement approach for climate action. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(7), 27-37.

* Corresponding Author