Psychological contract fulfillment and employee engagement in Nueva Vizcaya State University

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 6

Available Online:  31 May 2023


Belonio, Carloue M.
Nueva Vizcaya State University, Philippines (


The study was conducted to examine the psychological contract fulfillment of faculty and administration of the Nueva Vizcaya State University experience. A phenomenological qualitative approach was used to gain insight on how psychological contract was fulfilled by administrators as employer (NVSU) to their employees (faculty). The research design focused on what the faculty experienced in the workplace and how they experience job satisfaction through employee engagement. The interpretive paradigm was used to view the perceptions and experiences of the participants and was vital to this line of inquiry to obtain the desired results. Results revealed on the long term engagement that the faculty preferred to teach in the academic institutions (SUC’s) where they can practice their life long profession. On the other hand, the administration preferred a faculty that is ambitious, enthusiastic and willing to innovate to the university into global competitiveness. The faculty imparted the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise that contributed to the highly competitive graduates of the university. The realization of the contribution of the faculty and administration can be validated that the graduates are now gainfully employed in the different global market. The university provided the faculty with appropriate salary and benefits. Opportunities for career/ professional advancement, tenure of service, and recognition of exemplary achievements which tantamount the psychological fulfillment the faculty engagement in the university. The faculty pledges their commitment to serve the university due to the provision of scholarship program, training and attendance to seminars, conventions, etc., giving salary increases and promotion in academic rank, incentives and rewards for exemplary services done. The university also recognizes the local and international achievements of the faculty. A certificate of recognition and minimal honorarium from the assigned projects were given as well as promotion in the academic rank. In their quest for professional excellence, the faculty were involved in research and extension activities of the university. Some attended international for a with outstanding accomplishments and recognition. The factors long term engagement, highly competitive graduates, significance of contribution, expected outcomes, display of commitment, recognition, research and extension contributed to the fulfillment of the psychological contract to NVSU employee engagement.

Keywords: profession, employee engagement, psychological contract, job satisfaction



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