Paghubog o paglubog: Gampanin ng wika sa pagpapahayag ng politikal na adyenda sa sosyal midya

Special Luminary Issue
2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 4

Available Online:  31 May 2023


Pacure, Lowell Jay B.*
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Decino, Anesa S.
Espelita, Cherry Ann G.
Pardales, Ma. Bernadeth D.
Palicte, Leonila E.
Pomentil, Marionne Erika A.
Suñer, Justine May L.
Acala, Michell T.
Leyte Normal University, Philippines


The views of social media users may greatly be affected through the different usage of language in expressing political views in social media. This study aims to describe the role of language in influencing the political views of social media users. This research is quantitative that used descriptive survey design. Using simple random sampling, participants were selected. A survey has been conducted in the process of data gathering. Through frequency count, weighted mean formula, and Five-point Likert Scale, the data collected were analyzed and interpreted. Based on the analysis, it appears that the Facebook is widely used by students in expressing their political agenda in which they show their support or criticism on a specific candidate. Students also gain knowledge regarding political agenda through different social media posts in which it shows that the role of language in expressing political agenda in social media is to give knowledge onto students regarding a specific political discussion. Lastly, the decision-making of a person on which candidate they should vote is influenced by the use of language in social media. Therefore, it is recommended that students should attend seminars, lectures, symposium, and other related activities that discusses social media netiquette in order for students to widen their knowledge on the use of social media like Facebook. Students should also conduct fact-checking before sharing information online to avoid the spread of fake news.

Keywords: language, political agenda, social media, role, influence



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Pacure, L. J. B., Decino, A. S., Espelita, C. A. G., Pardales, M. B. D., Palicte, L. E., Pomentil, M. E. A., Suñer, J. M., & Acala, M. T. (2023). Paghubog o paglubog: Gampanin ng wika sa pagpapahayag ng politikal na adyenda sa sosyal midya. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(4), 91-101.

* Corresponding Author