Simbolikong pag-aanyo ng siday sa pananagisag ng kultura at lipunang Waray

Special Luminary Issue
2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 4

Available Online:  31 May 2023


Galit, Gilbert C.
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (


Literature, both a product of creative imagination and experiences is an ideal springboard for understanding cultural elements and social practices. At the current time where the influence of foreign cultures among Filipinos is increasing, colonial mentality has become a major issue that has caused a decline in the state of Filipino culture especially in the context of the present generation. Because of this, the research intends to analyze one of the main literatures of the Waray people – the siday, in order to describe existing cultures that are important in understanding and appreciating local knowledge, literature and culture. The focus of the study was to examine the linguistic structure of the siday specifically the use of symbolisms as basis in depicting Waray culture and society. This qualitative research employed a content analysis design that aimed to examine the patterns and interpretations of the used words in this literary works. Ten (10) siday were selected based on the suitability to the purpose of the study. Theming was utilized as a treatment for the data obtained from the analysis conducted. Based on the results, it was found that the use of symbolisms as basis in describing the Waray society which include history, love, tradition, culture, adventure, personality or identity, and social practices is common among the siday. Therefore, the research suggested the use of these local materials and other literary pieces as a springboard in academic discourse because of its rich portrayal about Waray culture. This is not only in response to the demand of the curriculum regarding contextualization but most importantly in promoting education based on the context of the Filipino culture. It may resolve the intellectual scarcity on local and regional culture and literature, and prevents the continued expansion of the influence of foreign culture among Filipinos which compromises the value of local culture and identity.

Keywords: simbolismo, siday, kultura, lipunang Waray



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Galit, G. C. (2023). Simbolikong pag-aanyo ng siday sa pananagisag ng kultura at lipunang Waray. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(4), 75-89.