Ang podcast bilang lunsaran sa paglinang ng kasanayang pakikinig sa pribadong paaralan

Special Luminary Issue
2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 4

Available Online:  31 May 2023


De Guzman, Karen B.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines

Liza, Jomil Christian E.*
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Llanita, Decieh Marie V.
Lucerio, Leona Allyssa B.
Medellin, Piolo L.
Santos, Leverose N.
Gime, Arjohn V.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines


Podcasting is one of the most emerging platforms for listening in the new generation of students. This can be used as an instructional material for teaching and learning in various disciplines. It shows in different studies and literature, there is a lack of activities and materials to develop the listening of students. This descriptive study aimed to develop activities using podcasts in honing the listening skills of the 21st century students in a private school in the division in response to the needs of the least mastered competencies of the curriculum. The proposed activity showed that podcasting is proven as a means of developing the listening skills in this educational landscape.

Keywords: podcasting, listening activities, listening comprehension, instructional listening activities, educational landscape



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De Guzman, K. B., Liza, J. C. E., Llanita, D. M. V., Lucerio, L. A. B., Medellin, P. L., Santos, L. N., & Gime, A. V. (2023). Ang podcast bilang lunsaran sa paglinang ng kasanayang pakikinig sa pribadong paaralan. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(4), 51-61.

* Corresponding Author