2018 IJRSLL – Volume 7 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 7, Issue Number 1

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. Comparative study of metadiscourse markers in ELT textbooks and Iranian localized high school English textbooks
    Bagherfard, Forouzan; Simin, Shahla
  2. The role of eye dominance in recalling lexical items in second language acquisition
    Shakouri, Nima; Maftoon, Parviz
  3. Relationship between Georgian-Persian biliterate additive bilingualism and learners’ proficiency in English as a foreign language
    Googoonani, Mohsen; Simin, Shahla
  4. Challenges in maintaining a heritage language
    Catama, Bryan V.; Wacdagan, Brisel D.; Tigbao, Jessel T.; Ventura, Grace B.; Viernes, Merge Q.
  5. The impact of teachers’ in-service workshops on grammar achievement: The case of Iranian intermediate EFL learners
    Biria, Reza; Salamat, Zeynab
  6. The impact of translation on L2 learners’ metalinguistic competence
    Parinaz, Khayatan; Biria, Reza
  7. Evaluating the efficiency of a pattern integration approach in grammar teaching: Towards a revisited grammar teaching paradigm
    Bouirane, Ahlam
  8. Error analysis of composition writing: A case of Iranian EFL learners
    Bahrpeyma, Mitra; Ostad, Omid