Error analysis of composition writing: A case of Iranian EFL learners

2018 IJRSLL – Volume 7 Issue 1


Bahrpeyma, Mitra*
University of Guilan, Iran (

Ostad, Omid
University of Guilan, Iran (


The aim of the present study was to investigate errors in the compositions of 30 Iranian students, both male and female and all at the intermediate level, who were selected from two language institutes, one in Rasht and the other in Bandar Anzali. The selected students were studying American English File 3, as their course book, and the researchers were their instructors. They were given a model from their course book to write a letter in reply to another letter. Thirty samples were collected, and analysed qualitatively and quantitatively following Keshavarz’s (2013) linguistic classification of errors. Findings showed that students committed different errors with different degrees of occurrence. Morphosyntactic errors were the most frequently occurring, followed by orthographic, lexicosemantic, and phonological errors respectively.

Keywords: error analysis; composition writing; intermediate level; EFL learners



*Corresponding Author