2017 IJRSLL – Volume 6 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 6, Issue Number 3
July 2017

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Iranian EFL learners’ attitudes towards using pre- vs. post-questioning techniques in the comprehension of nonfiction texts
    Ghazyani, Aylar; Jafari, Khadijeh
  2. The relationship between depth and breadth of vocabulary knowledge and Iranian EFL learners’ listening comprehension
    Afshari, Sajad; Tavakoli, Mansoor
  3. An investigation into the use of speech acts and language functions in Iranian high school English textbooks
    Roohani, Ali; Alipour, Javad
  4. The relationship between short-term memory and listening comprehension ability of IELTS test takers at different language proficiency levels
    Mahdavi Zafarghandi, Amir; Bahrpeyma, Mitra
  5. A study of the effects of teacher-performed gestures as a means of semantic elaboration on L2 word learning and retention
    Ghasemi, Ehsan; Feyzi Behnagh, Reza
  6. The effect of songs on vocabulary retention of preschool young English language learners
    Madani, Davood; Mahmoodi Nasrabadi, Mahboobeh
  7. The effects of explicit pronunciation instruction on the comprehensibility and intelligibility of Tunisian EFL learners
    Bouchhioua, Nadia

Language Resource

  1. The use of communicative language teaching approach in the teaching of communication skills courses in Tanzanian universities
    Nyinondi, Onesmo Simon; Mhandeni, Abdulkarim Shaban; Mohamed, Hashim Issa