2017 IJRSET – Volume 6 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology
Volume 6, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Educational Technology Research

  1. Effects of using Inspiration software on Iranian EFL learners’ prewriting strategies
    Afshari, Somayeh; Salehi, Hadi
  2. The effectiveness of using educational robot in the computer course in the development of scientific thinking skills among first year secondary students
    Al-Mohammadi, Najwa
  3. Using ‘science laboratory interaction category’ instrument to assess laboratory behavior of grade-8th basic science students’ in Nigeria
    Atomatofa, Rachel O.; Ajaja, Patrick O.
  4. Development of skills and critical thinking in junior high school students towards quality basic education in Ghana
    Larbi, Frank Okai
  5. Using videos and video-conferencing to traverse transactional distance
    De Jesus, Rameses
  6. Impact of cognitive styles on the frequency of use of social media amongst university students
    Egbedokun, Adeola Oyebisi; Okusanya, Emmanuel Oluwatosin
  7. Development of EFL learners’ writing attitude through Mobile Instant Messaging Application (MIMA)
    Yoon, Tecnam
  8. The effect of using a corpus on Iranian EFL learners’ writing: Focus on grammatical accuracy and attitude
    Khalili, Elahe; Rezvani, Ehsan