Development of EFL learners’ writing attitude through Mobile Instant Messaging Application (MIMA)

2017 IJRSET – Volume 6 Issue 2


Yoon, Tecnam*
Chuncheon National University of Education, Republic of Korea (


With the fast development of computer-assisted learning, a variety of computer mediated communication tools have been used in learning. As a kind of modern technology, MIMA (Mobile instant messaging application) is familiar recent years in most e-learning environments. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of MIMA and learners’ attitudes and perception about MIMA. Using a mixed method, the survey and interview were employed to meet its intention. 32 junior students in the university participated in this research for 15 weeks. Results show the participants affirmed the positive effect in English learning through MIMA. MIMA played an important role in improving the students’ interests. About half of participants’ attitudes were positive about using MIMA to engage in writing English. Based on the interview data, it seemed clear most participants were satisfied with MIMA for their English writing. Through the analysis and discussion of the data, it was found that in general students held a positive view regarding the use of MIMA. Most participants expressed they liked using MIMA when learning outside the school. Compared with the traditional English writing class, using MIMA was much more interesting, making students more active and attentive. This implies that language teachers can utilize MIMA as a sub-teaching material.

Keywords: writing practice; learning attitude; mobile messaging application; motivation



*Corresponding Author