2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 6, Issue Number 1
January 2017

Table of Contents

 Educational Research

  1. Scrutinizing EFL teachers’ job satisfaction and stress at work: The intervening roles of gender, teaching experience, and educational level
    Kamali Cheshmeh Jalal, Fahimeh; Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh; Akbari, Omid
  2. Students’ oral involvement in the Chinese university classroom: A comparison between classes of Chinese and international students
    Malik, Muhammad Abid; Sang, Guoyuan
  3. Principals’ communication styles and school performance in Al Ain government schools, UAE
    Ibrahim, Ali; Mahmoud, Sherin
  4. Will a sustainable lifestyle fit as a part of special education?
    Kankainen, Tomi; Määttä, Kaarina; Uusiautti, Satu
  5. Attitude of engineering students towards engineering drawing: A case study
    Azodo, Adinife Patrick
  6. Individual-level change in achievement goals in physical education
    Warburton, Victoria E.; Spray, Christopher M.
  7. Teaching in a multicultural context: What are the best practices used to support immigrant students?
    Koubeissy, Rola; Borges, Cecilia; Malo, Annie

Educational Resources

  1. Despite the minimalist approach of Grameen Bank training program, similarities may be drawn between its practice and the models offered by Kirkpatrick and others
    Rouf, Kazi Abdur