Teaching in a multicultural context: What are the best practices used to support immigrant students?

2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 1


Koubeissy, Rola*
AIA, Qatar (Rola.koubeissy@umontreal.ca)

Borges, Cecilia
University of Montreal, Canada (Cecilia.borges@umontreal.ca)

Malo, Annie
University of Montreal, Canada (Annie.malo@umontreal.ca)


This study aims to examine teaching practices that support immigrant students in two multicultural primary classes in Quebec, Canada. We referred to two complementary theoretical frameworks, the teaching work analysis approach and the historical-cultural approach. Two case studies were presented, including a grade six teacher and her student and a grade three teacher and her two students. Data was collected through class observation, interviews with the teachers, and interviews with the students. We analysed 22 sequences of support rich in interaction between the teacher and her student(s). Our findings showed that the teachers relied on many forms of support and used many tools in order to adjust their practices according to their class context.

Keywords: teaching practices; support; immigrant students; professional adjustment; multicultural classroom


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrse.2016.1440

*Corresponding Author