2016 IJRSP – Volume 5 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 5, Issue Number 3
July 2016

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. Helping among kin vs. non-kin: The role of psychological closeness
    Ferolino, Austin; Labaclado, Richie
  2. Learning motivation and perfectionism in English language learning: An analysis of Taiwanese university students
    Chen, Kate Tzu-Ching; Kuo, Julia Ya-Chu; Kao, Po-Chi
  3. Reduction of the depression caused by work stress for teachers: Subjective well-being as a mediator
    Hung, Chao-Hsiang; Lin, Chung-Wei; Yu, Min-Ning
  4. Religiosity, masculinity, and marital satisfaction among Javanese Muslim men
    Wade, Jay C.; Wiloso, Pamerdi Giri
  5. The effects of age interval of the stimuli and sexual orientation of the participants on face recognition among Filipino college students
    Dullas, Angelo R.; Tolentino, Marvin N.
  6. The efficacy of using play therapy in children with behavior disorders: A meta-analysis overview
    Hidayat, Dede R.; Prabowo, Arga S.; Cahyawulan, Wening; Fitriyani, Hilma
  7. Finnish university student activists’ resources in student union activities: A Positive Youth Development (PYD) perspective
    Ansala, Liisa; Uusiautti, Satu
  8. The effects of sexual and religious orientations on memory for weight-related stimuli
    Chung, Christie; Dees, Chelsea