2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 3, Issue Number 1
January 2014

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Improving EFL argumentative writing: A dialogic critical thinking approach
    Fahim, Mansoor; Mirzaii, Mostafa
  2. Intentional vocabulary learning from watching DVDs with subtitles: A case study of an ‘average’ learner of French
    Garnier, Mélodie
  3. Rethinking the role of context and definition in second language vocabulary acquisition (SLVA): An assimilation via a cognitive model of concept formation
    Ang, Ivy
  4. Qualitative analysis of mediational strategies in emotionalized dynamic assessment of L2 reading comprehension
    Abdolrezapour, Parisa; Tavakoli, Mansoor; Ketabi, Saeed
  5. Segmental features of English modeled by selected professors in a state university in the Philippines: Implications in teaching English
    Guinto, Nicanor
  6. Investigating the role of context in resolving discourse anaphoric relations: Does text genre variability play a part?
    Eslami Rasekh, Abbas; Tavakoli, Mansoor; Ghadiri, Momene; Zabihi, Reza
  7. Exploring metacognitive beliefs of postgraduates in an EFL context
    Wang, Jing Hui; Li, Xue

Language Resources

  1. Causes of reticence: Engendering willingness to speak in language classrooms
    Riasati, Mohammad Javad