Qualitative analysis of mediational strategies in emotionalized dynamic assessment of L2 reading comprehension

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 1


Abdolrezapour, Parisa*
University of Isfahan, Iran (Abdolrezapour@gmail.com)

Tavakoli, Mansoor
University of Isfahan, Iran (mr.tavakoli14@gmail.com)

Ketabi, Saeed
University of Isfahan, Iran (ketabi@fgn.ui.ac.ir)


Currently available assessment tools and procedures are lacking one important dimension in providing full understanding of language learners’ potential ability. This article focuses on the pedagogical application of emotional intelligence (EI) activities integrated by Dynamic Assessment (DA, henceforth), a testing approach nurtured by Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, to second language reading instruction. Our main goal is to gain some insights into learner’s abilities and find those forms of mediation during emotionally-based dynamic assessment (EDA) intervention that best nurture the development of reading achievement. In this article, learners’ improvement in second language (L2) reading comprehension is illustrated with examples of intermediate learners of English completing reading tasks with support from a mediator. The article concludes with recommendations for future research on DA and EI in L2 development.

Keywords: dynamic assessment; emotional intelligence; motivation; language achievement; qualitative analysis; reading comprehension


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsll.2013.506

*Corresponding Author