Sexual knowledge levels among university students in Turkey: A survey research

2017 IJRSP – Volume 6 Issue 1


Ogretir-Ozcelik, Ayse Dilek*
Gazi University, Turkey (

Ersoy, Ozlem
Gazi University, Turkey (


This research investigates the current situation of university students’ sexual knowledge levels as well as perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and practices of sexuality with a survey research in Turkey. The sampling of the research consists of 285 Turkish university students. The ages of the students are range from 20-24 years old. 58.2 % were women and 41.8 % were men. In order to measure the students’ sexual knowledge and behaviors, the researchers were administered a questionnaire that includes statements about the students’ sexual activities, their sexual experience, attitudes toward sexual and contraceptives behaviors, communication about sexuality, and their perception about sexual intercourse. The chi-square test were performed in order to find whether there was any statistically significant differences between the female and male participants. The results showed that the differences between gender and some variables about the sexuality were statistically significant. The variables that were tested by chi-square analysis were as follows: The curiosity about sexuality, the level of sexual knowledge, the sexual knowledge resources, the correctness of sexual knowledge, needs of sexual closeness, type of sexual action, having any sexual closeness, type of sexual closeness, initiation of sexual closeness, the definition of sexual intercourse, having any masturbation experience and having any masturbation orgasm differed between the female and male participants. In most of the variables, the female participants had higher scores than the male participants.

Keywords: university students; sexual knowledge; sexuality perceptions; sexual attitude; sexuality; Turkey



*Corresponding Author