How does creative self-efficacy influence employee well-being? Exploring the moderating role of transformational leadership

2016 IJRSP – Volume 5 Issue 2


Öcel, Hatem*
Karabuk University, Turkey (


The present study examined the relationships among creative self-efficacy, well-being as well as the moderating effect of transformational leadership. Participants were 272 employees who have different professions from different companies both public and private sector. The moderated regression analysis revealed positive relationships between creative self-efficacy, transformational leadership and well-being. According to results of this study employees with a high level of creative self-efficacy demonstrate a high level of well-being at work, and transformational leadership plays a moderating role. When employees’ creative self-efficacy is high, those with transformational leader exhibit greater well-being at work.

Keywords: creative self-efficacy; transformational leadership; well-being



*Corresponding Author