Exploring the intrinsic indicators of individual resiliency

2016 IJRSP – Volume 5 Issue 2


Orio, Terrezyl Ramon*
Department of Psychology, San Carlos University, Cebu, Philippines (terrezyl@yahoo.com)


This paper aimed to identify the intrinsic indicators of individual resiliency. It tried to find innate or inherent capacities and traits of Cebuanos as signs of coping effectively from the typhoon experience. There were eleven female, adult, Cebuano typhoon Haiyan survivors from Madridejos and Medellin, Cebu, who volunteered as participants. Focus group discussion yielded four main themes namely optimism, sense of coherence, hardiness, and religiosity/spirituality coping. Each main theme had its corresponding sub-themes. Being hopeful, being grateful, positive thinking, exerting efforts to stand up again, and striving hard to survive were the sub-themes of optimism. Sense of coherence was composed of helping each other and using available resources to rebuild or repair damaged houses. Hardiness was revealed through taking courage, enduring, remaining strong for self and family. Lastly, religiosity/spirituality coping was shown through praying to God, having faith in God, and believing in God’s mercy. Optimism, sense of coherence, hardiness, and religiosity/spirituality coping were the indicators of Cebuanos’ resilience. These indicators are beneficial in developing a program that serves to nurture the resiliency of individuals.

Keywords: resiliency; optimism; religion; Cebu; Philippines


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsp.2016.1374

*Corresponding Author