Green education-based model online career counseling “ACIS-Q” to enhance career maturity of vocational schools students

2015 IJRSP – Volume 4 Issue 1


Tjalla, Awaluddin*
Jakarta State University, Indonesia (

Jakarta State University, Indonesia (

Kustandi, Cecep
Jakarta State University, Indonesia (


The purpose of this study is to acquire: (1) empirical data on career maturity of vocational school (SMKs) students; (2) empirical data on actual career guidance and counseling (BK) services at SMKs and the need of students and guidance and counseling teachers/counsellors (BK/K) against model online career counseling (OCC); and (3) model OCC to boost career maturity of SMKs students. The research using the method of research and development (R & D) to develop the OCC. Research population includes all the students of 10th grade at state SMKs in Jakarta province for educational year 2013/2014. Research sample amounts to 292 students and 10 BK/K teachers in Jakarta province. The sample is selected by using multistage cluster random sampling technique. Data collection applies inventory of career maturity and actualization as well expectation. Quantitative data is analyzed by using descriptive statistics with percentage technique with the aid of SPSS version 18.0 for Windows software. The research result covers: First, career maturity of SMKs students based on personal evaluation generally stands at the mature category. However, test result of detail is generally not mature yet which is signaled by inexistence of detailed career planning and information, no comprehension yet on information of liked work group and how to set up career decision. Second, BK/K teachers and SMKs students commonly need model OCC. Information required entails self-potential assessment and career information. Third, OCC ACIS-Q is obtained by utilizing green education media in the form of website in a bid to bolsters career maturity of SMKs students. Research recommendation is addressed to students, BK/K teachers and coming researchers for use and to complete the model OCC ACIS-Q.

Keywords: model online career counseling; green education; career maturity; SMKs students



*Corresponding Author