From person to father: A grounded theory of male gender identity formation

2016 IJRSP – Volume 5 Issue 1


Quinain, Khael T.*
Department of Psychology, University of San Carlos, Philippines (


This study is a qualitative study on the formation of male gender identity. Using Grounded Theory (Charmaz, 2008), the study was able to examine how men view themselves and trace how their identities as males has come to being. It was found from the accounts of the participants that men have two identities: Identity as a Person and Identity as a Father. As a person the identities of men are focused on their personal views and desires. And as a father, their identities are built around their family and children. Further, the study was also able to identify Factors that had an impact on the formation of their identities. Male identity therefore changes across time and experience.

Keywords: masculinity; Filipino masculinity; gender; gender identity; grounded theory



*Corresponding Author