Are daily spiritual experiences, self-esteem, and family harmony predictors of cyberbullying among high school student?

2015 IJRSP – Volume 4 Issue 3


Safaria, Triantoro*
Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia (


Currently, the incidence of cyberbullying increase widespread among children and adolescents in Indonesia. One of eight parents stated that their children have been victims of abused and humiliation through online media. As many as 55% of parents said they knew one child experienced cyberbullying. This study aims to investigate cyberbullying related to daily spiritual experiences, self-esteem and family harmony. Present study also explores the factors that lead to the emergence of the cyberbullying phenomenon among high school students. Cross sectional method was used in this study. ANOVA was also used for data analysis. A total of 150 high school students from three schools in Yogyakarta involved randomly in the study. The results show that there was a significant difference in the level of family harmony and the experience of being a victim among perpetrators with non-perpetrators. The result also found that the perpetrators of cyberbullying who have done more than two times (several times) have high level of family harmony, while the perpetrators who only do one or two times  have lower level of family harmony. The implication of study was discussed further.

Keywords: cyberbullying; daily spiritual experiences; family harmony; self-esteem



*Corresponding Author