Gender representation in ‘Top-Notch’ series: A critical discourse analysis perspective

2014 IJRSP – Volume 3 Issue 2


Tahriri, Abdorreza
University of Guilan, Iran (

Moradpour, Pouran*
University of Guilan, International Campus, Iran (


This study sought to investigate aspects of gender as represented in one of the currently used English language series, namely, Top Notch Series from a Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) perspective. This series is widely used for adult language learners from beginner to advanced levels in numerous Iranian language institutes. In effect, the study analyzed the series in terms of three major aspects of gender (relations, positions, and content). To this end, Fairclough’s (2001) three-dimensional model, as a well-established CDA model, which emphasizes the importance of language/power relationship, was adopted in order to extract the ideologies comprising the foundation of this series. The findings revealed that the series represents both genders in a somewhat balanced way. In addition, the series presents both genders equally in such a way that stereotypical norms ingrained into learners are nearly removed. Furthermore, this textbook is argued to have adopted the discourse of marketing and advertising by exploiting both genders, especially the females.

Keywords: gender; Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA); ideology; Top-Notch; EFL



*Corresponding Author