Personality differences of college students with public and private Facebook profile: A big five model viewpoint

2013 IJRSP – Volume 2 Issue 3


Datu, Nino D.
Philippines (

Datu, Jesus Alfonso*
Counseling and Educational Psychology Department, De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines (

Rungduin, Darwin
Department of Psychology, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Philippines (


Social networking sites are prevalent media in communication and self-expression among people across different ages. The study determined possible personality differences of Facebook users with public and private profiles and examined personality traits that are predictive of Facebook profile preference through a descriptive-predictive research design. Two hundred seventy college students (n=270) whose ages range from 15 to 27 were recruited from a private collegiate institution in Manila City. Findings revealed that Facebook users with public and private profiles differ in openness, t(298) = -2.04, p<.05, while the robust predictor of Facebook profile preference is conscientiousness (β=-.20, t=3.09, p<.005). Distinction in the way profiles are chosen depends on predisposition to be broad-minded, creative and appreciative while preference over public and private Facebook profiles relies on tendencies to exercise greater degree of self-control, order and regulation. Selection of Facebook profiles, therefore, is a behavior that can be influenced by innate predispositions in the form of personality traits.

Keywords: Big five model; Facebook profile; Filipino adolescents; personality traits



*Corresponding Author