Mediation effect of job insecurity on the relation between leadership practices and job stress in Malay academic staffs

2013 IJRSP – Volume 2 Issue 3


Safaria, Triantoro*
Department of Magister of Professional Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Jogjakarta, Indonesia (


Job stress is a universal problem for many academic staff, but there is still few study considers the existence of mediating factor of job insecurity on job stress, especially in Malay academic staff. This study aims are to examines the effect of leadership practices, the mediating effects of job insecurity on job stress among Malay academic staff. Survey design with quantitative approach was used. 124 questionnaires were completed. First step, data is analyzed to examine the reliability and validity of measurement. Second, the structural model is tested to examine relationship between job insecurity practices as mediator variable to job stress. All data was processed using SPSS 15 and Amos 18. The result of path analysis using structural equation modeling showed that job insecurity significantly mediated leadership practices to job stress (r = 0.199, p = .017 < .05). Leadership practice has a direct effect to job stress, and has indirect effect but mediated by job insecurity.

Keywords: leadership practices; job insecurity; job stress; Malay; academic staff



*Corresponding Author