Gaining the insight of workaholism, its nature and its outcome: A literature review

2013 IJRSP – Volume 2 Issue 2


Tabassum, Ayesha*
Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University, Bangladesh (

Rahman, Tasnuva
Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University, Bangladesh (


The current study is about exploring the insight of the term ‘workaholism’. Since its inception workaholism has grabbed the attention of the academicians. But recently the organizations are also getting concerned about the workaholic people as the managers are facing complexity in terms of managing such work addicted employees. These workaholic employees face greater amount of difficulties both in their work and family life due to their excessive obsession towards work. As a result they face several physical and psychological problems, and at the same time the organizations suffer in terms of productivity. Though this phenomenon is critically important for the development and growth of the employees and also the employers, very few initiatives were taken to explain the term workaholism along with its nature and impact. Several scholars have defined workaholism from different context, which sometimes create perplexity among the scholars and professionals. Thus the present study takes an initiative to explore the definition of workaholism, its nature, its antecedents, and its outcomes through literature review.

Keywords: workaholism; antecedents; positive impact; negative impact; nature of workaholism



*Corresponding Author