Science of self awareness and memory

2013 IJRSP – Volume 2 Issue 1


Katkar, Narendra*
International Research Center for Fundamental Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, India (


The epistemological study and retrospection in fundamentals of sense perception and recollection is examined to understand the foundation of Memory. This analysis is done by a few simple tests from day to day experiences. With it, the well-known EEG signal data of individual’s waking, dream and deep sleep states also analyzed. The examination establishes two fundamental discoveries: 1) A “Self induced” brain wave, having content related to old term “ego”, I, Me and Myself, which corresponds to “Self Awareness”; 2) Self awareness signal conversion into earlier received signal frequency. The study also determines that the human brain does not have any information of the natural composition of the physical world.

Keywords: neuro-physics; perception; memory; self-awareness; brain



*Corresponding Author