IT and CRM: A case study of State Bank of India

2016 IJRSM – Volume 5 Issue 1


Kumar, Santosh
ICBM – SBE, Attapur, Hyderabad, India

Malyadri, Pacha*
Government Degree college, Rayalaseema University, India (


Information Technology (IT) is a revolutionary technology which is sweeping every field of human activity. The technology has immense application in the banking industry, of particular interest is bringing together the banks and their customers into an immediate and close relationship. Accordingly, the new technology is expected to enable the banks to render more and better services to their customers, who are the very foundation of the banking system. SBI is the largest commercial bank in India and is providing good services to its esteemed customers by making use of modern technology and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The implementation of CRM has helped the bank to come closer to its customers and the emphasis has shifted from sales to customers IT and CRM are considered as powerful tools in the banking industry and moreover the business of banking is very much dependent on the customer goodwill, for which IT is believed to open a new window of great opportunity by way of good CRM. The present case is mainly concerned with the use of IT and CRM in the India’s largest public sector bank – SBI.

Keywords: information technology; customer relationship management; too big to fail; point of sale terminal



*Corresponding Author