The role of school principal in transforming an Indonesian institution

2015 IJRSM – Volume 4 Issue 1


Oei, Siok Fei*
Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership and Development, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (


This paper aims to understand the role of a school principal, and the principal’s strategies in helping a school transform from a low to a high performing institutions. This paper reviews the nine characteristics of high-performance schools and twelve strategies of a school principal as the key focus in helping an Indonesian school; MA SMK. Findings confirmed that a school principal played the most essential role and dominated the impact on transforming schools more than any other elements. Transforming the MA SMK into a high-performance school, the school principal enacted her strategies by using the framework of nine characteristics of high-performance schools based on the proposed framework.

Keywords: school principal; performing school; Indonesia; literary review; document analysis



*Corresponding Author