Quality issues: Beyond the Nigerian institution

2015 IJRSM – Volume 4 Issue 2


Adetunji, Adeniyi Temitope*
Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (niyi.adetunji1@yahoo.com)


The article aims to take a step back to look at the issue of quality in Nigerian universities and identify those factors that have adverse effects on the process of establishing quality in universities but that cannot be controlled by the institutions’ principal officers. This paper reviewed the relevant literature using a standard literature review and found the opinions of 36 principal officers in six Nigerian universities regarding issues that affect quality but that are beyond the institutions’ control. The findings suggest that finance is not the only issue of this type. It was observed that external issues play vital roles in the administration and delivery of university services. The study concluded by discussing issues that would not be considered in other countries as matters for concern but that have an impact beyond what principal officers can control in the Nigerian context.

Keywords: quality; principal officers; university; Nigeria


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2015.1075

*Corresponding Author