Exploring corporate social responsibility policies in family owned businesses of Saudi Arabia

2014 IJRSM – Volume 3 Issue 2


Al Sabban, Nadhar
Effat University, Saudi Arabia (yassabbban@effatuniversity.edu.sa)

Al Sabban, Yara
Effat University, Saudi Arabia (nallsabban@effatuniversity.edu.sa)

Rahatullah, Muhammad Khan*
Effat University, Saudi Arabia (mkhan@effatuniversity.edu.sa)


Corporate Social Responsibility is not new to Saudi Arabian cultures. However, it has not been amply evidenced in the literature. This paper utilizing in-depth interviews with the owners of the prominent business houses of the country attempts to explore the CSR initiatives of family owned businesses in the kingdom with a view to understand the policies of such businesses, the impact on business growth and the community.

Keywords: corporate social responsibility; Saudi Arabia; family owned businesses


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2014.611

*Corresponding Author