Human resource management in the telecommunications sector of Laos

2013 IJRSM – Volume 2 Issue 2


Southiseng, Nittana
Mekong Institute, Khon Kaen University, Thailand (

Walsh, John*
Shinawatra University, Thailand (


This paper presents quantitative outcomes regarding human resource management (HRM) in telecom companies in Laos. A total of 73 valid responses from managers and 396 from employees were obtained as part of a self-completing personally distributed survey, using questionnaires. Analysis of the results showed that the management team seemed not to have a great deal of impact in terms of strengthening the companies’ human capital development (HCD). Employees felt that the more the HRM practices were put into practice, the more that employees’ performance improvement, perceptual development and satisfaction were improved. Factor analysis grouped HRM practices into three categories: (1) compensation management and information exchange, (2) training and development (T&D) management and (3) needs assessment. It is apparent that HRM in the telecom industry of Laos is not yet properly executed and executives involved in it had  low attention in managing and developing their human resource. There was unclear understanding of how to execute HRM effectively, as a result, the variables of the compensation management and information exchange had been fallen into the same aspect. With such findings, the recommendations have been proposed to the telecom companies of Laos to firstly gain higher awareness from the top management, to have precise HRM policies and adequate supports, and to include the HRM, HRD and T&D in either formal or informal curricular of the education system in Laos.

Keywords: human resource development, Laos, telecoms



*Corresponding Author