Achieving quality and standards in the management of Nigerian secondary schools: Policy goals, current practice, trends, challenges, and opportunities

2012 IJRSM – Volume 1 Issue 2


Ayeni, Adeolu Joshua*
Ondo State Quality Education Assurance Agency, Akure, Nigeria (


This paper highlights the objectives of secondary education and the principals’ supervisory roles in the attainment of quality education in secondary schools. It also examines the effectiveness of instructional management in ensuring quality inputs, process and outputs, together with the constraints to the performance of instructional tasks and students’ learning outcomes. The paper concluded that challenges that principals and teachers faced require effective application of systemic model and goal-oriented partnership between the school and other stakeholders as means of improving the quality of teaching and learning for the attainment of the set goals in secondary schools.

Keywords: secondary school; educational objectives; quality assurance; principal’s tasks; systemic model; learning outcome



*Corresponding Author