Managing higher education institution internationalization: Contemporary efforts of a university in Taiwan

2012 IJRSM – Volume 1 Issue 1


Ching, Gregory S.*
Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, ROC (

Chin, Joseph Meng-Chun
National Chengchi University, Taiwan, ROC (


As the trend for internationalization of higher education institutions (HEI) becomes more inevitable. Wherein education is not only limited to a country’s local clientele. HEIs in Taiwan have employed various strategies in order attract more international faculties and students. However, studies regarding such processes are still limited. In the past few years, National Chengchi University (NCCU); a comprehensive public university in Taiwan, having the mission of improving its international dimension, has decided to set sail on the journey to internationalization with various strategies and activities. This study aims to assess these efforts and their implementation from the viewpoint of the international faculties and international students in NCCU using Chin and Ching (2009) twelve (12) internationalization indicators. A total of 158 international students and 23 international faculties participated in the online survey. Results show that NCCU places strong efforts on producing globally competent graduates and in internationalizing the curriculum, research, and services. However, there is still a need to include more of the internationalization efforts into the university assessments process, which in turn would encouragement further development and improvement in terms of campus internationalization. Additional findings and implications are also given to further aid institutional managers and future researchers regarding the field of contemporary internationalization efforts of East-Asian HEIs.

Keywords: globalization and international higher education; internationalization of higher education; Taiwan; internationalization indicators; performance assessments



*Corresponding Author