Issues with transferring knowledge acquired through workplace pedagogical interventions to on-the-job application

2012 IJRSM – Volume 1 Issue 1


Procknow, Greg*
University of Regina, Canada (


Workplace educational interventions cunningly contrived to augment an employee’s knowledge and understanding of requisite tasks enveloped in their prescribed job description, are consistently proven to be ineffective when actually applied to on-the-job performance. The current study documented here looks at a Canadian product development/distributor and the issues this workplace has with new employees transferring efficaciously with what they have recently learned in training to job performance. Furthermore, the literature is surveyed extensively to ascertain what the current state of training transfer is in today’s varied workplaces. Recommendations for workplace educators are provided to help unburden the hidden intricacies inherent in all training transfer situations.

Keywords: workplace education; training transfer; human resource development; knowledge acquisition; job performance



*Corresponding Author