Building materials in a green economy: A book review

2013 IJRSM – Volume 2 Issue 2


Rouf, Kazi Abdur*
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada (


This paper reviews the book ’Building Materials in a Green Economy’ written by Brian Milani (2005). The book has eight chapters. This paper deals with the importance of building materials in our lives. The book mainly focuses on the centrality of building materials in all forms of society global indicates how materials are produced, used and reused, which will inevitably affect the quality of lives of those who harvest/create them versus those who benefit from the materials. Brian Milani highlights that the current process for managing building materials is not done in an eco-conscious manner that would entail conservation, maintenance and recycled materials. He addresses how regulation and education will be the key in making changes in the proper management of building materials. Also looks to understand how the building industry informs ‘positional economic development’; warns the readers about the destruction of the Mother Earth by corporations; and manufacturing not eco-friendly building materials and their wastage. Hence, it is important that corporations should produce building materials that are eco-friendly and care for environmental sovereignty.

Keywords: building materials; eco-materials; eco-labeling; green economy; post depression economy



*Corresponding Author