Survey of corporate social responsibility practices in Nigerian manufacturing sector

2013 IJRSM – Volume 2 Issue 1


Akinyomi, Oladele John*
Redeemer’s University, Ogun State, Nigeria (


Based on stakeholders’ theory, this study examined the practice of corporate social responsibility by manufacturing companies in Nigeria. It employed survey research design to study 15 randomly selected companies in the food and beverages sector. A total of 225 questionnaires were administered to collect data. Data analysis revealed that CSR is a familiar concept in the sector as most of the companies do engage in CSR activities regularly. The major areas of focus of the CSR activities include Education and Youth Development/Sport, among others. However, the study revealed that the proportion of Turnover invested in CSR is negligible. The hypothesis tested also corroborated this fact as the result of the test indicated no significant relationship between turnover and CSR investments. The major recommendation is that Nigerian manufacturing organizations should review their CSR policies to ensure that they are not just socially responsible, but to be seen so by the public.

Keywords: manufacturing; social responsibility; turnover; Nigeria and sustainability



*Corresponding Author