Exploring the communication barriers in private commercial banks of Bangladesh

2013 IJRSM – Volume 2 Issue 1


Sultana, Nahneen
Eastern University, Bangladesh (urmee97@yahoo.com)

Abdullah, Abu Md.
Eastern University, Bangladesh (abdullah.du@gmail.com)

Tabassum, Ayesha*
Eastern University, Bangladesh (tabassum105@yahoo.com)


In Bangladesh, lots of private commercial banks are contributing for economic growth. The performance of the banks depends on a well-structured communication system. So by maintaining an effective communication system, the banks can gain competitive advantage. Thus the study aims to investigate the communication barriers that should be removed for effective communication in the private commercial banks of Bangladesh. A structured questionnaire survey based on 5-point Likert-scale was conducted on 165 full-time employees of private commercial banks. The sample includes 15 private commercial banks. The Principal Component Analysis reveals three types of communication barriers; personal barriers, job barriers, and organizational barriers. Among these barriers, personal barriers are the most significant barriers according to the respondents of the study. Personal barriers include lack of English knowledge, local tone, opposite sex and hot temper. The second most important barriers are job barriers that include technical words, personal life and job monotony. The third most important barriers are organizational barriers which include defective technology and internal politics.

Keywords: communication barriers; effective communication; private commercial banks; personal communication barrier; job communication barrier; organizational communication barrier


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2012.140

*Corresponding Author