The comparative effects of advance organizers vs textual enhancement on the acquisition of English passivization

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 5


A’lipour, Javad*
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Youhanaee, Manijeh
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Barati, Hossein
University of Isfahan, Iran (


The present study investigated the effectiveness of 3 types of grammar presentation on the acquisition of passive constructions. Eighty EFL Persian-speaking learners in 4 Iran Language Institute intact classes constituted the groups. One of the experimental groups was exposed to Intralingual advance organizers (Intra-AOs). The second group received Interlingual advance organizers (Inter-AOs), and the third group was presented with textually enhanced material. The results of the posttest indicated that there was a significant difference between all the groups, and that all the treatments were considerably effective. The inter-AO group outperformed the other groups on the posttest, and the intra-AO group came in second, outperforming the TE group. The findings of the study led us to conclude that the mother tongue may have provided the learners in the inter-AO group with sufficient backdrop that the learners drew on to make a substantial transition from the known to the unknown. Also, a case is made for viewing noticing as a multi-dimensional system which is more effective when links are created between and among the target structures than when one single textually enhanced item becomes the focus.

Keywords: advance organizers; grammar instruction; interlingual advance organizers (Inter-AOs); intralingual advance organizers (Intra-AOs); textual enhancement (TE)



*Corresponding Author