Autonomous language learning in Iranian context: To what extent do students take responsibility for their learning?

2013 IJRSLL – Volume 2 Issue 5


Ahmadi, Razieyeh*
University of Guilan, Iran (

Mahdavi-Zafarghandi, Amir
University of Guilan, Iran (


This study was conducted to investigate the views of Iranian university students regarding responsibility and decision making ability related to autonomous language learning and the practice of autonomous activities inside and outside the classroom. The study also investigated whether or not male and female students differ regarding responsibility and ability views. In order to reach these aims, a questionnaire by Chan, Humphreys, and Spratt (2002) was used and distributed among 133 Law major students at the Law Department of University of Guilan. The results indicated that although students considered their ability level as average, they believed that the responsibility of managing and planning aspects of their learning should be held to their teachers. The findings also showed that gender did not play any role in students’ views regarding their responsibility and ability. The results of this study have some implications for course designers, material developers, and teachers to be informed of students’ responsibility views. They can take this information into account before promoting the learner autonomy.

Keywords: autonomy in language learning; learner responsibility; autonomous activities; decision making ability; gender and autonomy



*Corresponding Author