Macro plus micro approach to English academic writing

2013 IJRSLL – Volume 2 Issue 2


Li, Xiao Wen*
School of Foreign Languages, Harbin Institute of Technology, China (


Based on the relevant literature review and the author’s years of teaching experiences, this paper presents a new teaching method for English academic writing, called macro plus micro approach to English academic writing, which is put forward and practiced under the circumstances of the urgent needs of doctoral students for publications in international refereed journals, or for delivering their presentations at conferences. The specific pedagogical measures taken in this course are introduced, including the critical activities conducted, as well as the assessment from both the perspectives of the teacher and the students, confirming the ideas that an effective teaching method of English For Specific Purpose (ESP) should be established based more on the practical analyses of the needs of students’ outcome goals and subsequent activities undertaken in class, than on theoretical text books alone, so as to solve the bottlenecks that hold back the successful publications of PhD students’ research papers written in English.

Keywords: macro plus micro approach; English academic writing; needs analysis; outcome goals



*Corresponding Author