Does reading strategy use predict and correlate with reading achievement of EFL learners?

2013 IJRSLL – Volume 2 Issue 2


Karbalaee Kamran, Saeedeh*
Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran (


This study aimed to investigate whether any statistically significant relationship existed between Iranian EFL learners’ reading strategy use and their reading achievement performed in their reading comprehension test (RCT) scores. Moreover, current study tried to examine whether the participants’ overall reading strategy, and also their use of any of reading strategy subscales, were a predictor of their RCT scores. To this end, two instruments of Survey of Reading Strategy (Mokhtari & Sheorey, 2002), and an RCT were employed to collect the data. The results revealed a statistically significant and positive relationship between participants’ overall and also Global and Problem Solving reading strategy use and their RCT scores; however, no statistically significant relationship was found between participants’ Support reading strategy use and their RCT scores. On regression part, overall reading strategy use was found to be a predictor of RCT scores; however, it was of low predictive power, and among reading strategy subscales, only Global reading strategy use could be a predictor of RCT scores. Finally, pedagogical implications were presented for learners, teachers and materials developers in the field of EFL teaching/learning.

Keywords: reading strategy; meta-cognition; reading achievement; prediction; EFL learners



*Corresponding Author